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Friday, January 24, 2014

I just wanted to check in and let you know that despite what the media is saying, it has been a chilly but really nice experience on the hill this week. The sun has been a big help. Yesterday I had to break out the hand warmers but I still refuse to stuff toe warmers into my boots.  The grooming was top notch and around 11 am we took a run on Ridge (fan guns lit up) and the new snow felt soooo good.  Can you tell I am ready for a powder day?

For the weekend, we will have the Super Pipe open!!!  Even if you don't ski or ride the pipe, take a run over at Carinthia to check it out.  Quite impressive!!

Currently we are making snow on Ripcord and Committed and hope that they will open sometime this weekend.  A little too early to tell but updates will be available in the snow report.  We are also freshening up other spots on the mountain. That leaves Plummet - our last snowmaking trail to tackle.  Over at Carinthia Parks we will continue to build depths in Inferno (stay tuned for our XL park) and above Junkyard (time to build The Farm.)

My compliments go our to our grooming department who have been working the hill beautifully.  They have been spending extra time on a bunch of trails to get them ready for you.  I will post some pictures after my runs today.  That is if my cell phone cooperates.  Yesterday I had it in an outer pocket and it froze up on my first run - ugh!

Finally, a little Valley gossip.  Everyone is talking about the extremely talented athletes who will be heading to Russia.  Kelly, Devin, Nick and Eliza all have ties to our town and resort and we are thrilled and honored.  I don't know about you but I have a serious case of Olympic Fever.

Finally, if you are thinking about staying home tomorrow because it is "too cold to ski," shame on you!  Saturday, the forecast is for 14-18 degrees at the summit and 22-26 degrees in the base area.  After the temps you have witnessed this week, Saturday will be downright balmy.  You are a skier, a snowboarder, a winter enthusiast!  Don't let a weather forecast get in the way of your opportunity to get out and feel completely alive and in touch with some of the most important things in life - your friends, family and your environment!  That is my plug - the rest is up to you.  p.s. are you still doing those snow dances?  I am!

Skiing with Bernie and PJ - Bernie experiencing a brief goggle malfunction left him teary-eyed!

Great day on the hill.  My phone held up but honestly I wimped out and kept it in my pocket.  But I did snap a photo of my ski buds, Bernie and PJ.  PJ works in our sales office and Bernie produces shows like the infamous Boston Ski Show.  He is a ski industry encyclopedia and loves ski history.  He has also skied at over 200 ski resorts.  This guy is hearty and never lets a little cold weather get in the way of a good day on the hill.

Saturday 1/25 update:  Great product this morning!  They are taking down the snowmaking on Committed and Ripcord and they are open for your pleasure.  My favorite trail of the day was Fallen Timbers.  Best I have seen it all year...if you like groomed.

Kevin skiing Ripcord to see if it can be opened to the public.

That smile says it all. Yup, open!


Dave Moulton - Director of Mountain Operations. Fallen Timbers.

The view from the top of Ripcord.

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