Kelly's Blog: Annual Halloween Party at the Barn

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I just walked back from visiting with the Marketing dudes  (a few flakes were falling from the sky!) and I am super-excited for Halloween.  Doug, our new graphic designer, created this poster to advertise our annual Halloween party at the Snow Barn.

This poster is fantastic, especially if you take a close look...think I Spy.  And see if you can find the mistake....think backwards.  Of course, I couldn't find the mistake.  Someone had to point it out to me.  What's not a mistake?  Figuring out a costume and attending the Snow Barn Halloween party, which has become "the" pre-winter social extravaganza.   I use the word extravaganza because people go all out and come in some outrageous and hilarious costumes.

This year A Band Beyond Description, will be rocking the Snow Barn.  Like them on Facebook  They are from Maine (they must be good, right dad?) and play Grateful Dead covers (double good!)  I really should get dressed up and stay out beyond my bedtime!

I have been getting ready for Halloween all month.  I have already watched dozens of thrillers and I got sucked into Pinterest the other night searching all the DIY ideas on how to turn my house into a scene out of a horror movie.

I really like this idea from Pinterest. Looks easy enough. Anyone got a photo of an old unhappy relative? I have my own axe!

I have several big plastic tubs of costumes and props from past years so I will probably dig them all out this weekend and start decorating.  Do I get any trick-or-treaters?  Nope, not a one.  Do I do it for my kids?  Nope, my daughter is off at college and my son started taking off his costumes as soon as he could walk.  Do I do it to amuse my husband?  If you know my husband you know that is a big fat NO.  I may invite some friends over for dinner, but I guess I am okay with getting all spooky purely for my own enjoyment.  And hey, I might as well have some fun with a holiday before we enter the busy winter season.

I could use some ideas for a costume.  The good thing about my husband is that he will get dressed up for Halloween, especially if there is a good band in the deal.  So a husband/wife idea could work.  Do I have any kindred Halloween enthusiasts out there?  Let me know if you are going to the Snow Barn - free cover if you wear a costume!

Another quick and easy idea I found on Pinterest. I will find time to pull this one off! Happy Halloween - winter is coming!

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