Kelly's Blog: Crazy Hat Race

Sunday, February 16, 2014

If I had the opportunity to ski Mount Snow when I was a little girl I would have loved the Crazy Hat Day and Race.  Arts and crafts and dress up combine for some of the most creative helmets you will ever find.  Every year our Development Team kids amaze me with the cool ideas they come up with.  Here are just a few!

The Olympics inspired several creations.

From snowmen to flags to rhinestones, it is all there!

Thank you for the hot cocoa and sorry I cut off the awesome Bullwheel creation - bulls sitting at the Bullwheel!

Brothers created matching Bullwheel helmets. When I asked if they get along, the answer was YES! Warms my heart.

Do judges take bribes? This little box opened and there was candy and $$ inside!

Time to hit the food court. Real bacon and marshmallows!

Don't miss the lurking JAWS in the back - love it!

And sticking with the aquatic theme meet the biggest on mountain jellyfish

Peeps and Olympic rings - check!  Looking up to Eliza, Devin and Kelly - nice.


This gave us an idea - it would be really easy to scan you with large passes mounted to your helmets!

Lost and Found - the land of misplaced single black gloves.

This duo has a message 4 u.

Count em - seven!

Despicable Minions and easy to find in a crowd!

Once again - our kids impress me!  Thank you for having spirit and thanks to your parents for their help and transport of your Crazy Helmet creations.














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