Kelly's Blog: Crazy Hat Day

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I've said it before, I love judging the Crazy Hat (I mean helmet) contest!  The creativity this year was off the charts!!  And it was cold so I could tell the kids just wanted to get moving.  So like a session of speed dating, we were speed rating.  See for yourself and let me know if you like our picks.  I would have taken more pictures but my fingers began to freeze up.

I could relate with this young gal!

Easy to tell where he prefers to ski!

Very appropriate for a cold and windy day - mmmmm, hot cocoa.  Yes, real marshmallows.

Next I came upon a group of trail themed creations. Meet Fallen Timbers.

And Ripcord




and South Bowl

Last year the Bluebird was a common theme. And as you can see I am a sucker for Bluebird themed helmets - this one is beautiful.

This photo is for my co-worker Gina, who is the recycling queen of Mount Snow. Look, this could be your little sister. Thumbs up for RECYCLING!


Loved the bowling alley helmet, complete with a picture of the owner, Steve!

Fabulous group of helmets including the pipe dragon - so imaginative.

I am sure you will all recognize this tree inspired creation.

And I saved this young flirt for last, The Chick Magnet!

The official prizes went to Fallen Timbers, Ripcord & South Bowl (group theme,) Hot Cocoa, Not a Morning Person, and Carinthia Rail.  Thanks to everyone who stayed up late creating their helmet - you rock!





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