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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yesterday was the 2nd birthday of  the Bluebird Express, our beloved 6-pack bubble chair.  Little did we know when we purchased her how much we would grow to love her.  We knew she would be much faster, and the bubble would keep the elements out.  And we hoped she would perform well in high winds, but we had no idea how much comfort she would provide and how she is a complete game changer for our resort and sport.  Here are some of her attributes:

On a day like today (cold - brrr) we will be riding the Bluebird.  And if you take a lap on the North Face or over at Carinthia, you can easily warm up by squeezing in a run on the Bluebird.

A snowy afternoon 12.11.13

Not only does the bubble keep you warm but the high seat wraps you, all the way up to you shoulders, so there is no wind blowing through.  And the seat is extra cushy earning this lift the nickname of The Flying Couch.

She has also been nicknamed the Dome of Silence because when the bubble goes down it is very quiet inside.  Great for chairlift conversations.  If I am riding the lift alone I like to catch up on calls, email, is that warm, dry and quiet.  Maybe I will start calling her the Flying Office - nah, too corporate!

Obvious but so nice  - on cold and windy days, bubble down.  On warm sunny days, bubble up.  Can't do that with a gondola.

Occasionally (cough, cough) it can get a little windy at this elevation.   We built the Bluebird Express so she is lower to the ground and so far we have been very impressed with her ability to run, even in wind gust of 50 mph, if the wind direction is in our favor.  Before we bought this lift, many people (some actually in the ski industry) said that we would take the bubbles off because of wind - happily, they were wrong.

A lot of people have told me that they got to ride on chair #50, the Golden Bubble.  And rumor has it that if you make a wish it will come true.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Golden Bubble and have been able to ride it about four times, so far.

I wasn't sure about a 6-seat chair as I found it hard at times to organize the maze for our quads.  Let's face it, the maze to send each chair up full, takes some master minding.  However, getting to ride a lift with five family or friends is a real bonus. Rarely do you have to take turns being left out.  Yup, the Bluebird Express fits well with our very social clientele.

Happy Birthday to lift #17, the Bluebird Express.  You are just two years young but we cannot imagine Mount Snow without you!




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