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Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13, 9 am:  When we shut down snowmaking on Friday, based on the long-term forecast, we did not think we would fire up again until Tuesday or Wednesday.  However, the forecast was wrong and yesterday afternoon  a short window to make snow presented itself and our guys got after it.

The Mount Snow snowmaking crew started flipping on the fan guns at 2 pm on Sunday and just finished shutting down.  About 19 hours and here are the trails that received the fan gun treatment:  Snowdance, Cascade, Canyon, Exhibition, Beaver, Cooper's Junction, Long John, Ridge, Mine Shaft and Nitro.  Our snowmakers made the decision to just resurface with the fan guns, given the short window.

Why the fan guns?  Almost all of our 200+ fleet of fan guns are tower mounted so the snowmakers do not have to waste precious time pulling land guns out of the woods and setting up the hills (this process can take an entire day depending on the terrain.)  The fan guns perform the best in marginal temps so even this morning as the mercury rose, the fan guns were still putting out a good product that our skiers and riders can jump right on without that sticky stop and go sensation.

And one more brag.  We may be the most Southern ski area in Vermont but over the last 24 hours our snowmakers proved that with the correct technology and a whole lot of ambition, Mount Snow is a leader and innovator when it comes to snowmaking.  Many ski areas did not even make snow last night - not surprising given the forecast.  Thankfully, making turns on the creamy and dreamy today will be a lot of fun, thanks to our snowmakers!

See you on the hill - photos to come later.

12:30 pm update.  In off the hill and I will admit the snowmaking had its moments of creamy and dreamy mixed with stop and go.  At the end of my runs everything was getting skied in and there was less stop and go.  By tomorrow, with a good groom overnight, it should be very nice.

And I was pleasantly surprised that the trails that we did not make snow on were nice too - corn.  I was worried about Thanks Walt and even though it lost some width, the groom on that trail was done well and it was probably my favorite run of the day.


Cooper's Junction

Selfie on River Run

Lunch at the Bull Wheel. I love their build your own grilled cheese menu. No, I did not have a beer! Wanted to, though.








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