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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am sorry that I have not been blogging much lately.  Every time I sit down to write, I feel like a broken record.  How much can you write about edge-to-edge coverage, blue bird days and soft ego-boosting snow?  This is how the Aspenites must feel.  Another gorgeous day – I guess I will hit the slopes, again – yawn.

I really must be a New England girl because I find myself staring up at the spectacular sun wondering what happened to all our overcast, foggy days?  Yes….I know a few of you superstitious types are yelling, “stop jinxing us Kelly!”  But it had to be said – I feel like someone just picked Mount Snow up and dropped us into a Rocky Mountain movie set where day-after-day we find ourselves making sun-drenched laps.

Recently, friends who made trips to resorts north and west of us tell me Mount Snow has the most snow.  What?  Whether it is true or these Mount Snow loyalists are just prejudiced, it doesn't matter.  This spring is one of the best I can remember and it is so good to see all of you taking full advantage of it.

Continuing with my broken record theme, let's talking closing dates.  Here is the official statement.  We plan to stay open through April 14th.  Mount Snow reserves the right to close for a day or two if we are experiencing unfavorable weather. 

What is unfavorable weather?  Think crappy, hot rain, freezing rain type days.  You know, those days when you walk down Main Street and 12 brave souls (and Larry Peckham) are out skiing.  My best advice is if you plan to come up after April 7th, check the snow report before making the journey.  Hopefully, we will continue to experience great weather and there will be no need to alter our schedule.

And for those of you who are asking about April 21….no comment.

No wonder why I haven’t been blogging – all this skiing takes time!

Sun rising, moon setting.


Snow Golf on South Bowl

Speaking of Larry - here he is squeezing in a round before his next lesson!

Happy spring everyone.  Keep pointing em' downhill.  You have all summer to sleep!

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