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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My husband is a ski coach and spends some of his winter on the road.  Last night he returned after a few days away and told me that he had the best day, probably top five in his life.  He was at a northern VT ski area that received 8" of pow overnight and his race was cancelled, leaving them to ski the trees all day.  He went on and on about his top five day while I sat on the couch shoving chocolate covered strawberries in my face and feeling sad that I had missed out.

Despite my strawberry hangover, today I hit the mountain filled with great expectations.  I asked Chip if he wanted to take a few laps and he did not have to be coaxed.  We made our first lap on Rollercoaster and realized we were pretty close to first tracks - why hadn't anyone skied this trail?

Next we took the Bluebird and skied down Thanks Walt to check out the Cloud Nine Nuptials.  As we approached the Sunbrook Quad a crowd of lovers were assembling with a crowd of Ambassadors on hand to assist.  Chip yelled over to me, "the Ambassadors are wearing the ugly bridesmaid dresses!"  Yup, he was right.

I met a few of the couples at the bottom of Sunbrook.  I can't remember their names so I nicknamed them!

Mr & Mrs Married 45 years! Top honors.


The Veil Party

We loaded the lift in a wedding procession sort of way.  The Sunbrook Quad is such a treat when the thermometer is pushing 30!

Ambassadors make everything fun!


As we approached the top I could hear music.  Wait, this lift doesn't have speakers.  Yup, sure enough Whitney was singing something about a heartache.  We could see that our JP, Cyndee, was in place at the top and now all we had to worry  about was the bride and groom.  We had one couple actually getting married and when I got on the lift, they were no where in site.

We all gathered at the top around a heart and waited for the bride and groom.  Then we spotted someone in a white dress on the lift - phew.

Here comes the bride....and groom.

All of the couples gathered around the heart and Cyndee started the ceremony.  I was sneaking around trying to get a few pics but ended up just watching as tears rolled down several couples cheeks.  It really choked me up and the setting was breathtaking!


The ceremony was short and sweet and sealed with a kiss and applause!



I started taking pics of some of the couples as the crowd dispersed.   I asked if anyone else wanted their picture taken.  A young woman fished out her phone and I asked them how many years they had been married.  She told me they had been dating for 4 years.  I told them to smile and as I started to take their picture the boyfriend pulls a little box from his pocket and presents a ring.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  I start snapping pictures like a space ship just landed and the poor girl is absolutely shocked and says OMG about 20 times.  Finally, through tears and amazement she musters up a, "yes!" and he lights up (see what I mean in pic below.)  Jessica and Ted made my day!!  By now several of us are gawking at them  with the full-on water works in motion.  The one day I forget my glasses and I end up taking about 30 pictures of an engagement - I hope they are not blurry.  And I remembered to snap one (and only one) before they skied off.

Jessica and Ted.  Aren't they adorable! And the ring is magnificent.

At this point I am like a kid on Christmas Eve and wonder how I will make it through the rest of the day.  I turn around to more romance.  One couple arrived late so they are in the middle of their own private ceremony with Cyndee officiating.  Luckily, my tears weren't dry from the Jessica and Ted show.  This was way better than reality TV!

We met for cake and cocoa in the summit lodge where the bride ad groom showed up and I grabbed a quick photo.


I met wonderful people this morning.  Some who were just starting their lives together and others who have been together for decades.  With a truckload of romance under my belt I decided to hit the slopes and take in the absolutely gorgeous day.

I heard from a few reliable sources that Plummet was skiing well so I went to the North Face with Dan (our web manager) and Lauren (our graphic designer.)  They were married last year so I made them pose for a Valentine's Day shot.

Notice the trail sign they are standing in front of !

Our last run was on South Bowl and as we crossed back to the Bluebird, I stopped to talk to the Red Bull guys.  They seemed happy with the progress made on the Red Bull Frozen Rush course.  I was lucky enough to meet the driver, Ricky Johnson.  I told him that some of our season passholders were already predicting that he would flip his truck.  Ricky said he would take that bet and he sounded 100% confident.  I told him about the proposal at the top of Cloud Nine and he said that he and his wife (sorry ladies) had tried to make it but ran short on time.  I asked if I could snap his pick (so I could prove to my friends that I got to meet him!) and he obliged.

Ricky Johnson - champion off-road racer

Just last night I was a little envious of my husband's top 5 day.  Today the jealousy has dissipated and I proclaim Valentine's Day 2013 as one of my best days on the hill, ever!  I can tell you that Jessica, Ted and a little ring had a lot to do with that ranking.  But it really was one of those days that make you smile and sing, especially when you get to ski trails like Plummet!  Tomorrow I am going for a repeat.  I will be the one at the fence line cheering Ricky on and drinking a Red Bull!

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