Kelly's Blog: Are you a Beer VIP?

Friday, July 26, 2013

I like beer – especially in the summer.  On a hot day or after a good workout nothing is as good as a cold beer.  There are so many to choose from, especially in the summer, when they throw in the berries and I can have my “girly-girl” cocktail in the form of a beer.

Having admitted to my affection for beer it makes sense that the Mount Snow Brewer’s Fest is one of my favorite events.  I think I have worked all of them except for one year when I attended as a guest.  I do miss out on trying all the new flavors but I really have a good time just seeing all of our winter friends after a long summer.

This year, I am extra excited about a new addition to the Brewer’s Fest….the 1900’ VIP Pub.  In my opinion, this is the best idea since pretzel necklaces.  Actually the VIP Pub is even better and you will get one of those tasty necklaces with your VIP package.   The plan is to open up the 1900’ Burger for a special VIP room during Saturday of Brewer’s Fest.  You pay $125 per person and here is all the VIP treatment we will share with you!

  • Two-day admission to Brewer's Festival (VIP Pub only open on Sat)

  • Four drink tokens (2 each day)  Jason, our Director of F&B has a Heady Topper can with your name on it and he is scouring the country for other “hard-to-finds.”

  • Your souvenir glass – do you have one from each year?  This year makes #19!!

  • 8 ridiculously fabulous brews that will only be available in the 1900’ VIP Pub

  • "Inspired Tailgate BBQ" buffet all day Saturday  - yup, free food!

  • Air conditioned seating area – we’ll turn the heat on if it is snowing

  • 1900' VIP Pub t-shirt

  • And my favorite….VIP exclusive bathrooms in 1900' VIP Pub

We are only selling 100 of these tickets so talk to your friends and reserve online asap.

Beer just got better, wouldn’t you agree?  And if reserve your VIP ticket, I will personally make you a pretzel necklace….promise!

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