Kelly's Blog: Annual Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How well do you know Mount Snow?  I snapped these shots during my travels around the mountain.  See how many you can identify.  I will post the answers on Monday, January 14.

#1.  Let's start off with something easy!

















Happy hunting!  Answers will be posted right here on Monday, Jan 14.


#1.          Summit Cell Tower – visible on your right when you are traversing over to the top of Sunbrook.

#2.          A new feature in The Farm, the new park on skier’s left of Prospector at Carinthia.

#3.          What we call natural Long John or the part of Long John that is no longer used.  This picture taken from the top of Beartrap, just as you descend towards Long John.

#4.          That is a rock in the tree.  And you can see it as you travel up the Ego Alley lift on your right or as you ski down Ego Alley on your left.  Near the bottom.

#5.          You can find that sled on the wall at the entrance to the Grand Country Deli.

#6.          Near the bottom of Long John, before you get to Cooper’s Junction, look off into the woods on skier’s right.  I what not sure what this was so I asked Dennis, who is in charge of Lift Maintenance.  He always seems to know this type of stuff and he did!  Dennis told me those are the leftovers of an old “confidence course,” used for team building.  It was a series of ropes and platforms.

#7.          South Bowl race shack.

#8.          Lift #16, Season’s Double.  This is the only lift at Mount Snow where the drive is located at the bottom.  This Hall lift was installed in 1972.

#9.          Located on Thanks Walt, of course!  After you go under the Sunbrook quad and after the little pitch, stay on skier’s right and look for a birch look up.

#10.       Mount Snow’s only rope tow located on Launch Pad.  This year our lift maintenance dept painted the bull wheel gold to match chair #50’s.  This lift was installed in 1998 and has helped so many kids learn to ski.

#11.       My favorite – the owl andirons in the Sundance Base Lodge.  It is also my favorite fireplace at Mount Snow.  Especially, since Rich Hawes gave it a face lift in 2007.  I imagine Walt Schoenknecht brought those andirons to Sundance.

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