Kelly's Blog: It Snowed Again

Monday, February 10, 2014

2.10.14   This morning I woke up to 3" of fresh, blow away, snow on my car.  I saw Chris Shea in the base lodge and he said that he had 10" at his home in Woodford.  So as we jumped on the lift we were hoping that elevation may be our friend and there would be more snow at the summit.  And there was!

Ego Alley - perfection!

Favorite run of the day - Shooting Star. Easily 5-6" of freshies.

Beartrap bumping up nicely in prep for spring laps!

Sunbrook was fantastic!

Iron Run offered choices. Groomed down the middle and powder on the sides.

Illusion - short but one of my favorites.

It looks like there is more snow on the way Thursday so we should be setting up nicely for our our Valentine's Day promo.  Two tickets for $49!  You have to book online by Feb 12 or you will be stuck with that red, heart shaped box of chocolates.  And between you and me, the last thing we need right now is a box of chocolate.  Nab your tickets right here and thank me later!

And you can renew your vows at our Cloud Nine Nuptials.  Romance is always a winner.

Even though Mother Nature has blessed us with 18" of natural this past week, we are still making some snow.  The plan is to fire up tomorrow and hit Plummet, the summit, Sun Spot, Upper Long John, the bottom of Inferno, Nitro and a few other little spots.  We have looked at our snow depths and are comfortable that we have good depths for Spring skiing on our bread and butter trails.  There is a chance that after this week of snowmaking we will be done for the season.  How does this snowmaking year stack up to others?  We made a LOT of snow.  More than the last five years.  Note:  The beginning of our snowmaking season was met with a few rain events - UGH!

I am pretty excited for President's Week because we have some nice events and activities going on during our Family Fun Winter Fest. When our mountain is full of families, I am happiest.  Kind of reminds me of when our kids were young and we had more time to ski as a family.  Family time is so important.  Something about being on a mountain makes that time together even better.  Maybe it is the fresh air or the lack of screens.  I think the chairlift rides have a lot to do with it too.  All smushed together for several minutes....good things are bound to happen!

2.13.14 Update:  It has been snowing since about 5 am.  It is coming down strong now - about an inch an hour.  The skiing is great and I can't even imagine what tomorrow will bring!

Trail pick du jour: Plummet! It will not disappoint. Crazy snowmaking whales that are filling in with powder.

One more shot of Plummet.  Applause for our snowmakers!

With all this snow Dave decided to build something for the kids.

Time to get here!













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