Kelly's Blog: 10 Reasons to Keep Skiing

Friday, March 22, 2013

For the last few weeks the question I get most is, “When is Mount Snow closing?”  I wish I had a definitive answer but I don’t.  We have events scheduled through April 7th so we will definitely be open through the 7th.  And with all this snow, I think we can go even longer.  We don’t like to throw out a hard and solid date because it can really come back to bite you if you decide to stay open later or close earlier.  Do I think Mount Snow will be open through April 14th, yup!  But please check the snow report before making the drive.

And how do we decide when to close?  It is a pretty simple formula.  We will stay open as long as the snow holds and we have a decent turnout.  Historically, after Easter, interests shift from skiing to other spring activities.  With all this snow I hope to buck that trend.

So I don’t want to put any pressure on you but if you and your friends could fit a few more ski trips into your spring routine, it will help with our closing date decision.  If you need a little convincing, here are my Top Ten Reasons to Keep Skiing.

1)  We are 100% open!  We have received over 3 feet of snow in March and the conditions are the best of the season (that is actually three reasons but who’s counting?)
2)  Great ticket deal on Good Friday (March 29.)  Advance online tickets for $29 or $49 at the ticket window.  Click here for details and to purchase:
3)  The Easter Bunny is hiding a golden egg on the mountain – if you find it, you get a season pass.
4)  A beer on Cuzzin’s deck after a day of corn-snow turns just tastes better.
5)  The Glade-i-a-tor bump event on Ripcord on April 6th.  This event has been a Mount Snow favorite for decades.
6)  Bathing suit season is just around the corner – we all need the exercise!
7)  If you buy a ticket on April 6 or 7, we’ll give you a FREE ticket to come back any time on or before Dec 25, 2013.
8)  The Winter Brewer’s Festival – we have so much fun with this event on Labor Day that we decided to throw one onto our winter calendar!
9)  In August you will be kicking yourself for not skiing more.
10) We can’t stay open if you stay home.
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