Grommet Go Time!

Friday, November 4, 2016

An update on the progress over at the new Grommet Lift.

Our new Sunkid Grommet lift started to roll into Carinthia today.  It comes in lots of parts and our lift maintenance team will start assembling them next week!  It will take them less than two weeks to complete the lift and when it is finished it will be about a 400 ft long conveyor-type surface lift.  It will also be covered with a clear dome to keep you super-comfy when you are making laps on Grommet.


Pictured above is the drive, sitting at the top of Grommet.  


Close up of the drive so you can better see the conveyor, unload indicator and brushes.


Above - This "pit" enclosure will be sunk at the top of the lift and the drive will sit down in it.

Below - This summer, work was done to prep the Grommet trail for the new lift and for the future build (Summer of 2017) of a snowmaking pumphouse.  At the bottom of the trail on skier's right is a new stormwater retention pond.


The wood chipped area on skier's left is where the lift will be placed.  If you are noticing that the wood chips do not extend all the way to bottom, this is because the lift will not go to the bottom like the old Ski Baba lift.  The bottom of Grommet is the future home of a snowmaking pump house and a small parking lot for the staff servicing this building.  I hope you noticed the new snowmaking!  Our team installed Snow Logic 30ft DV4's, the most efficient gun on the market.  With 24 cold hours we will be able to make enough snow to open this trail!  Another benefit to installing the Snow Logic's is that we no longer have to use portable fan guns, which means they can be utilized in other areas (like Charlie's Chase) and it also means we reduce the hours needed to move them around.  All of these little efficiencies add up when you are trying to open terrain quickly.


Tractor trailer #1.  It is full of lift parts.  A second trailer rolls in today and a third on Monday.



Projects like this are a sure sign that winter is right around the corner.  So when will we open?  The "official" plan is to be oven for Thanksgiving but here's the real deal.  As soon as we see a window that is cold enough to hold the majority of the snow we make, we will go for it!  The earliest start date that we can see right now is the night of Nov 11.  It is too early to tell but that looks like a short window.  Let's hope the forecast improves as we get closer.

Nov 8 update - we are going to fire up the snowmaking system this week!  Our snowmakers will be in tomorrow (Wed the 9th) to make snow as long as the temps drop as forecasted.  You could see snow being made on the North Face, Cascade, Canyon, Gulch and/or River Run.  Of course, they will flex with the temps.  Friday night temps look the best.  Does this mean we are open for skiing this weekend?  No.  We will stockpile and probably lose temps on Sunday.  Temps rise midweek and then we can get back at it when the temps drop again.  It is go time!!!


A lot of progress has been made since Friday.  Keep up the great work guys!  Photo taken 11.9.16



11.10.16 update - we made up high but it ended up being more of an equipment test than productive snow.  Now we are super-ready for the cold temps on Friday!




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