GM blog: What will Saturday bring?

Friday, December 9, 2011

I try to roll with the punches and not let poor weather get to me.  It has been especially hard so far this season.  The forecasts for snow on this past Wednesday night (some meteorologists were saying a foot) really got me fired up!  I woke up to 2" and went into some sort of a craze.  Luckily, my husband offered me my morning cup of coffee and got me to calm down.  I know that is an immature reaction but, c'mon.  Messing with desperate skiers at this time of the year is unfair.

Enough misery.  Well, one more thing.  Imagine if all that rain had been snow?  Luckily, we are back into snowmaking temps and our snowmakers are going all out.  They have all systems at full throttle.  Every bit of snow that can be produced, is being produced.  But the days have been a little mild and we have had to back off at times, especially at lower elevations.

I really wanted to open on a solid base of 8-12" but it is going to be less in spots.  We could hold off and open on Sunday or Monday but we all decided that the time has come to get open.  We are sticking with Saturday at 8 am and I am just being up front and honest with you by saying that there will be thin and bare spots (especially down low.)  We will continue to make snow around the clock so you will be skiing under the guns.  Slow skiing and riding as you come into the base area will be greatly appreciated.

We have SO MUCH fun stuff going on this weekend that I know you are going to have a ball.  And each day that Mother Nature brings cold temps our depths will increase.  As you drive in tonight , you are in for a treat.  Our entire Valley has decked the halls in an effort to show the world that Irene may have hit us hard but we're back.  See you tomorrow.  Can't wait!!!
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