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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reality check – 1 month until the Mount Snow Triathlon!  That means "time to train" if you haven’t started already.  The Mount Snow Triathlon is categorized as a beginner length and is perfect if you are just starting out or want a fun event to train for one of your bigger tris.

Most people do the entire course but I am on a team.  I swim and run and Stevie (yup, Stevie from Snow Camp) is my team mate and biker extraordinaire!  I really like this event because it’s as competitive as you want to make it.  All the participants are very supportive, laid back and friendly.  That being said, I am out there to do my personal best and there are awards.

I have made it out to the run route (the new base area loop) a few times.   This is a 3 mile trail run for the most part, so be prepared.  You leave the E parking lot (down by Snow Lake) and run up Handle Rd., past Ski Baba and take a right into Carinthia.  At Carinthia, run right up to the Nitro Express and follow the blue trail #16 signs up and over to your north cutting across Inferno, the Gulch and into the woods.

The trail is really nice compared to some trails I’ve run on.  It was just built last year and has held up well to the heavy rains.  But you still have to look down to avoid a trip and a palmful of gravel.

Yesterday, Denise (co-worker and triathlon buddy) showed up at my door at 5 pm in her wet suit and urged me to swim in Snow Lake with her.  I had to pass but later she told me the water was much warmer than last year.  Tonight I plan to join Denise and take my first plunge into Snow Lake.  The quarter mile swim takes me about 10 minutes.  The first year it was really cold and most of us were in wet suits or tri suits.  Last year was much warmer and I ditched the wet suit.

I seriously thought about doing the bike section of the course this year but have made up my mind that I will stick to what I know, running and swimming and leave the biking to Stevie.  Since the first MS Tri in 2009, Stevie has turned into a bike nut!  She rides all over the place and is training for a 160 mile American Lung Assoc. trek in honor of her dad!  The Mount Snow triathlon bike course is 12 miles out on Handle Rd, which turns into Cold brook Rd.  You go out past Haystack, almost to the RT 100 intersection and then turn around and come back.  It can be a little chilly after the swim and both years we have had a few bikers who needed an extra layer, so keep that in mind.

There are a lot of locals and season passholders who do this event.  Lately, Carina and Simon have been putting miles on their bikes.  They are local innkeepers and emailed me a while ago announcing that they were registering for the Mount Snow tri this year.  We were at the DB&G the other night and I was surprised to find several people who are doing our tri for the 1st time this year.  Lori (you’ll recognize her from lifts and bag check) is doing the swim leg with a team.  Fish (WKVT) finished out Tough Mudder so this will seem like a walk to the mailbox for him.  And of course, there are all the girls from year one.  They better be back!!  See us celebrating at the finish below.  If you are going to do the Mount Snow triathlon I would love to hear from you -  send me your training tips and agonies!  And if you are looking for a team, try posting here.

mount snow triathlon
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