GM Blog: Southern Charm

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When I ski the singles line I conduct my own informal survey on the ride up.  Stuff like, “where are you from?”  “Why did you pick Mount Snow?”  Many people tell me that they picked Mount Snow because we are the closest drive.  Of course, once they have skied here once, the rest is history – they are hooked for life!  Okay, I made that last part up but it happens (a lot!)  Our location is a definite strength but every so often it can be a weakness.

Believe it or not, there are some Vermonters that think of the Mount Snow Valley as the banana belt.  I have even had someone ask if we were in Massachusetts!  Those jabs sting a little but we have thick skin (and 251 fan guns) down here and hold our heads high because every once in a while Mother Nature likes to spoil her favorite region with storm, after storm, after storm.

It is only January 19th and we have already had several southern storms wallop Mount Snow and points south.  Over the Christmas holiday all of our CT patrons were bragging to me that they had more snow than we did.  I was envious but also thankful.  Snow in our patron’s back yard is always good advertising.   This year we already have 85.5 inches of natural snow to date.  Our ten year average for Nov, Dec and Jan is 79.2 inches.  We are doing pretty good seeing how we are only 19 days into January.  We have had 31 inches in the last 7 days!!!  I always think of March as the snowiest month but that is incorrect.  Mount Snow’s snowiest month on average is January with an average of 39”.  So far this January we have accumulated 50”.  If you look all the way back to 1977-78, Mount Snow’s average snowfall for the year is 154”.  We are more than half way there – c’mon Mother Nature!

There are more storms in the forecast.  Friday the 21st and Tuesday the 25th.  Time will tell.  I went to school up in Burlington and I really like the skiing up north but I must admit that southern living is growing on me.  Maybe it is all the friendly folks or the ability to get Boston in a little over 2 hours.   Those are all good attributes but this winter my favorite part of southern VT is the powder!

p.s. I am going on a ski trip and will try to send my next blog from the road.  I don’t want to tell you where I am going but here’s a hint - I am packing my passport.  Stay tuned!
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