GM Blog: Snowmaking Resumes!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1 @ 10 am: I hate to jinx what looks like a decent forecast but I think we have waited long enough! Could it be that we are moving into more seasonable temps? I think snow, I mean so.

Our snowmakers were ready when the temps presented and started making snow on last night on Cascade, Canyon, Launch Pad, Long John & Mineshaft. They will keep blowing as long as temps hold. And they will do it all over again tonight and the next and….You get the picture. We are going for it! Here’s a few FAQs.

Q: How many hours of snowmaking does it take to open?
A: It all depends on the weather. The colder and lower the humidity the better. It can be done in 3-4 days. If you don’t get temps until early am and then have to shut down by noon, it takes a little longer.

Q: Will you open this weekend?
A: Too early to tell. Can’t imagine how we could possibly be ready by Saturday but I will give Sunday a slight chance – we will know more by Friday.

Q: If you can’t get open by the weekend will you open midweek?
A: Yes, as soon as we can open we will open. Disclaimer – if we are ready to open on Tuesday and that particular day has rain in the forecast, we might wait until the following day.

Q: What is your opening day trail plan
A: Top to bottom on the main face (Cascade to Canyon), Long John so we have beginner terrain from the summit, one top to bottom at Carinthia so we can supply some good park action and the Launch Pad for kids and lessons!

Q: Is your new lift, the Bluebird Express, ready to go?
A: Yes!
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