GM Blog: Shooting Outdoors

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On a day like today there is only one thing to blog about – the snow.  It has been one of those “pinch me” ski seasons.  Are we really getting more snow tomorrow?  Have I really lost count of my son’s snow days?  Yup, yup!  As I cruise around the resort, I reminded time after time that this is a year to remember.  I encourage you to spend as much time as you can outdoors and takes lots of pictures.  Here are a few of my Feb 4 photos.

Over at the Grand Summit Express I met up with a group of models heading out for a photo shoot.   I decided to snap a shot and see how my Canon PowerShot point and shoot stacks up to our professional photographer!  Looks like I need some work but this is a good looking group.

My next stop was the North Face and to one of my favorite trails.  I will let you guess which one.  Elia tells me that it will be in the grooming rotation so if you like groomed cruisers and want to feel like an Olympic skier, you may want to try this one!

I stopped for lunch at the Timber House to recognize two very special staff members, Dan and BJ.  After lunch Dan convinced me to take a run in the trees off One More Time (Boonies.)  It was well worth the trip and you can see from Dan’s ski pole that the snow is DEEP.

The afternoon was spent in the office.  No pictures – too boring.  But it was easy to sit behind the desk after a great day outdoors.  Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!
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