GM Blog: Passholder Appreciation Weekend

Saturday, March 5, 2011

For all of you season passholders who have asked, “Kelly, are we getting a new lift?” I am happy to climb onto the big rock on Cuzzin’s deck, look to the sky, cup my hands around my mouth and shout, “YES!!!”

She’ll be fast, warm and sexy! She’s a high-speed 6-pack with a bubble to whisk you to the summit in approximately 7 minutes. Ahhhhhh.

There was some nail biting in the last month as we waited to see if it would all come together. Last week I kept hoping that we could announce it in time for the Season Passholder Appreciation Weekend (SPAW) because what better gift to you than a new chair?

As we put together the passholder weekend we wanted to change it up a bit to celebrate a number of things that our passholders mean to us. We love the strength of the multi-generation families that ski and ride here and all of your traditions and memories you share with us. But we also wanted to give a nod to change and how important it is to provide you with state of the art snowmaking, grooming and lifts in order to make your time on the slopes as good as possible. Of course, the whole weekend centers around having a good time for all ages, especially the kids.

I encourage you to click here: and read all about your SPAW March 12 & 13. There are a few activities that I am very excited about so I will go into a little detail.

When I meet passholders they tell me how they grew up coming to Mount Snow with their parents and now they are raising their kids on the slopes of MS. We are a mountain of many generations and during SPAW, I want to meet your family. If you bring us a picture of your family on the mountain, we will post it on our WE ARE FAMILY wall. Come to the 2nd floor of the Main Base Lodge on Sat from 8-12 noon and not only will you get your 5 raffle tickets for our passholder raffle but your family picture will get you a bonus entry in the Family Pack giveaway. Nothing fancy - please don’t bring family heirlooms.

This photo is of the Hyde annual New Year's ski. 5 to 75 years, representing 311 years of skiing according to Sarah’s calculation!

We know that tradition is important to you and when I saw that Easter is April 24th, I was bummed. I doubt we will be open for skiing that late and I can’t imagine Mount Snow without a golden egg hunt. So we decided to hold our egg hunt early this year. On Sunday, March 13, The Golden Egg and hundreds of colored eggs, for the kids, will be hidden around the mountain. If you find the golden egg, you win a Nor’easter Pass for the 2011-12 season. Hey, Easter Bunny if you are reading this, hop by – we could use your expertise! Clues start at 10 am, on the hour.

In the winter, I do a lot of walking around. On my walks I see a whole different Mount Snow than when I am skiing. I want to share this with you so I invite you to my snowshoe trek at 10 am on Sunday, March 13th – for season passholders only. My staff and I will take you on a tour of the mountain that will last about an hour. We will have routes for beginner and intermediates. If you can walk on snow then you can snowshoe. Bring your own snowshoes or rent a pair at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand for a special passholder price of $15 (we have 20 pairs.) Please meet and be ready to head out at 10 am on Cuzzin’s deck. Note: If you are going to snowshoe, please write me a note below so I can plan accordingly.

I can’t wait to see you next weekend!
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