GM Blog: Opening revisited...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick blog to answer all those, “when are you opening?’ questions.  When November rolls around, all ski industry people start to get nervous.  Will it get cold?  Should I make snow tonight if it is going to warm up later in the week?  Dave Moulton, our director of mountain operations, and I asked all the typical questions this morning and since the crystal ball seems to be on the fritz, we decided to call Tim Boyd, our owner.  Tim usually has a good weather forecast and a lot of experience and somehow when the owner agrees with your plan, it is a good thing.

Tim was hearing of some consistently cold temps, but later in the month.  That being said, he felt it was a good idea to get the snowmaking system fired up to work out the kinks, take advantage of the cold temps and to start stockpiling.  With a thumbs up to go for it I have a giddy-nervous smile slathered across my face and you can rest assured that we will be taking advantage of any good temps that are thrown our way.

We fired up the fans on Launch Pad but most of the snow blew over to the tubing hill - it was exciting, nonetheless.  You can expect to see our snowmakers lighting up fan guns on Canyon, Long John, Launch Pad (and maybe Carinthia) this week.  Plans are always changing, depending on the weather, so I encourage you to keep checking back.

I am pretty confident that we should be able to get the Launch Pad rail jam going for the weekend.  Stay tuned and you may want to dig out your ski boots.

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