GM Blog: Opening on Dec 3?

Monday, November 28, 2011

That is the question on everyone’s mind and the honest to goodness answer is, I am not sure. Every time I look at an updated weather forecast the temperature creeps up a degree or two, in the wrong direction. We will have our snowmakers here Wednesday night just in case an opportunity presents itself. Probably at the summit if anywhere. Thursday night doesn’t look that promising but we will have our snowmakers here, just in case. Friday night looks like the best opportunity to lay down the white stuff, both in the base and at the summit. After that, it looks like a little warm up. That is what we are working with. Insert expletive of your choice here.

My best guess is that our chance of opening is about 10% on Saturday and I am giving Sunday a 25% chance of opening. It is only Tuesday so I have to leave that little opening in case the forecast changes (fingers crossed.)

I know, not what you wanted to hear so let me give you some positives to mull over.

· We look at a lot of forecasts and our long range forecaster is seeing a few snow storms in our future – around Dec 6 and 11. This same forecast is calling for better snowmaking temps Dec 6-12.

· I looked back at the past nine yrs and we normally open in Nov, usually right around Thanksgiving but in 2007 we opened on Nov 10th! Remember that?

· In the past 9 yrs we have only opened in Dec once, Dec 7, 2009. Do you remember what day we closed that year? April 27th! That was some unforgettable late season skiing and riding. Just saying!

· Whether we are skiing this weekend or not, we have some fun stuff going on including the Mount Snow Film Festival on Dec 3 at the Snowbarn, featuring the premiere of Carinthia: The Movie.

Keep checking back and if you have a direct line to Ole’ Man Winter, wake him up!
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