GM Blog: Naturals

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yesterday I hit the mountain with a goal of skiing as many lifts and natural (trails with no snowmaking) snow trails as possible. I wanted to see how our natural snow trails held up to a heavy week of traffic. I had good company and sunny skies so I departed with great optimism.

The Canyon Express brought us over the new family race on Roller Coaster. I thought about taking a run but there were about 10 people in line and I knew our time was short. We went to One More Time and were all smiles as we popped out onto Grand Central. Thumbs up for OMT.

Next the Summit Express and a run down Uncle’s. The sun was peeking through and softening the snow and we all agreed that Uncles was even better than OMT! We shot down Season Pass to the base of Carinthia. A high five from Wally and up the Nitro Express we go. Exit left down Milky Way and hop on the Sunbrook Quad.

Staying true to our quest for naturals, we hit Little Dipper to Big Dipper. The Dippers were in good shape too – very similar to OMT. I was looking forward to a few bumps on that last pitch of BD but they had been groomed out, making that little pitch seem like a walk in the park.

We grabbed the Beartrap Double to exit Sunbrook and at the top I pointed my skis east. “What is this little trailed called?” No one knew. Hmmmm. Long John was a bit skied off. It must be getting close to noon as there weren’t many people on it.

We pulled into the maze of the Sundance Triple as the first snow clouds rolled in. Our view of Shoot Out showed that solar melting caused a substantial ice flow on skier’s right – the first ice I had seen all day.

As we unloaded, we met up with our finance guy, Chip, and decided to finish off our day with a rhyme – Hop to Drop. Hop was just as fun as the first 4 runs of the day and I hugged skier’s left, my favorite line on that trail.

As I snuck into Drop I had one of those big grins on my face. I had feared rocks, grass and ice and was met with well-groomed, fun terrain. I relaxed, let my guard down and next thing I know my left leg is making a crazy jamming, flying motion and I prepare myself for a big fall and think, “this one’s gonna hurt!” Somehow I regain my balance (adrenalin rush) and Chip whizzes by and yells, “I saw that!”

Sometime I worry too much. Yesterday I was worried that my beloved natural snow trails were about to close one, by one. Today, the snow is coming down at a crazy rate (see pics below) and the ropes dropped on Ripcord hours ago. Hello naturals – can’t wait to see you again!

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