GM Blog: Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in the Mount Snow Valley is one of my favorites. Not only is it a sign of the coming summer but more importantly, it is a time to show your patriotism and respect. It doesn’t matter what religion you are on this holiday – you simply honor all who have fought for our freedom.

Last year, Gina and I hit the road early to check out the local yard sales. We started at the Congregational Church in Dover (they have a great bake sale too!) and then drove around following the little neon signs. We found a lot of treasures that we couldn’t live without and then we hit the “mother-load” at the Andirons. Rich was cleaning out all the old hotel supplies to make room for his renovation. Gina grabbed a fan, a mirror and a microwave and in the back hallway I saw a row of old chairs just crying out for some TLC. I bought 8 for $5 each. I had to borrow my husband’s truck for transport and he moaned, “What do you need those for?” The Wilmington Flea Market is open this weekend so there’s plenty of treasure hunting for everyone. Here’s the link to the tag sales listed in the Deerfield Valley News.

After a morning of tag sales I like to swing by the Peace Pipe Rail Jam @ Carinthia. Our stock pile of snow is transformed into a terrain park and gives freestyle enthusiasts a last chance to feel the snow beneath their feet and to hang with all their friends. It is FREE so hundreds show up and the atmosphere is perfect (except the black flies.) I like to check in on my son (15 yrs) and he likes to pretend that I am not there.

The majority of my summer is spent in my gardens - mostly perennials. My husband takes me to the Boyd Family Farm every summer for my annual “pick anything you want” outing. Hopefully, I can squeeze that in this weekend because I really want some blueberry bushes. They also have a workshop on how to build a Memorial Garden – cool.

On Sunday, you have to head to Wilmington for the 24th Annual Great Duck Race. This is a fundraiser for Make a Wish. You buy a ticket (at Boyd’s when you are plant shopping or on the day of the race) and it buys you a rubber duck. They put all the ducks in the river at 11 am and you stand on the banks and hope that you have a swift and lucky duck! There are hundreds of prizes and the entire village of Wilmington is alive with street sales, BBQs, dancers, music, etc. I will be at the Rotary BBQ – please stop by and say “hi.”

My son is golfing a lot more this year and he and my husband squeezed in nine at the Mount Snow Golf Club on Friday. They had a great time, despite some rain. My son is battling a wicked slice so we will probably spend a little time at the range for slice correction. If you would like to play a round, call the Pro Shop for a tee time or go online.

My goal is to take some time on Monday to remember those who have served our Country and to spend some time with my family. In Wilmington, the Memorial Day Program and Parade is meaningful and a lot of fun. It starts with a Memorial Day Service at Memorial Hall at 10 am and the parade follows. Don’t forget to bring your flag. Click Here for Info

If the rain stops, Monday afternoon will be dedicated to a BBQ with the family. Hopefully, it will be warm enough for our first trip to the Cremee.

Oh, and those chairs I got at the Andirons – a few coats of paint and new seat covers is all they needed – love em!

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