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Friday, June 3, 2011

The number one question I get at this time of the year is, "what do you do all summer?"  Actually, most people assume that if you work in the ski industry you get the summer off.  Compared to winter, the pace of the summer is a lot slower but we still keep busy.  Mount Snow is much like a small college campus.  There’s a lot of infrastructure that needs maintenance and there is plenty of office-work like budgets and planning.  And this summer, will be especially busy with our lift installation.

Many of our staff move over to run the golf course - what a multi-talented staff we have!  I’m not much of a golfer.  Although I have ample opportunity, I have never caught the bug.  I am hoping I’m a late bloomer and any day now I will wake up and say, "this is a good day to play golf!"  In the meantime, I try to stay in touch with the world of golf by playing a few charity tournaments each summer.

Charity tournaments are perfect for me.  I only play in scrambles so I can feel like a champion without any pressure.  There are always games like “closest to the line” so even a hack like me can come close.  After the 18 holes there is dinner and a raffle and best of all, I enjoy hanging out with a group of friends for an afternoon.

On June 9th, I am playing in the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce Tournament. This is always a fun time because I play with some of my Rotary buddies.  Nancy (also a Chix on Stix) is sweet-as-can-be and finds something nice to say even on my whiffs.  Her husband Bruce (also a Mount Snow ambassador) is equally nice and is always off and searching for my lost balls.  We let Joe (also Grand Marshall of the Blueberry Parade) tag along because he is the life of the party and can hit the ball long and straight, on occasion.

The Kelly Clark Foundation Tourney is coming up on July 10th.  I may have to find a team for that one because I think it would be very cool to have a picture of our winning team with Kelly and her gold medal!  And I think her foundation is very important because there are so many talented kids who would love to take their skiing and riding to the next level but can’t afford it.

Finally, I am playing in the Make a Wish Tournament in the fall.  Mark and Kristen organize this every year and this event alone raises enough money to grant a wish.  At registration they hand out a length of string and scissors and you are allowed to use the string to cut down on the distance of your putts.  I like to be the keeper of the string – gives me something to do and keeps the rest of the team honest (cough, cough.)  At the dinner/raffle Mark gives a speech about the VT Make a Wish and I tear up.  I would highly recommend this one – you leave with a really good feeling.

For those of you who wanted to know what we do all summer, there’s a glimpse!  It’s nothing like a powder day but an afternoon on the links aint bad.

p.s.  I talked to Jay Morelli (head of the Original Golf School) and he said he would give me a quick lesson so I think there is hope for my game and a future blog!
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