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Thursday, February 10, 2011

When we saw that St. Valentine’s Day would fall on a Monday this year, we decided to throw out a really sexy lift ticket deal in hopes of attracting couples for an extended weekend.  2 for $49 is the ticket price on Monday, 2/14, so if you are looking for love, we think that Mount Snow is a pretty good place to start.

Actually, we know that something about the mountain air creates a perfect place for romance.  I met my husband on the slopes of Maple Valley 31 years ago and we tied the knot on the Mount Snow golf course.

Over the years I have attended dozens of weddings in the Mount Snow Valley and have a wedding album jammed with pictures and invitations – good times!  Two at Cooper Hill,  two at the Hermitage, two at the Inn at Quail Run, the Dover Town Hall and this summer we were invited to a renewal of vows at the Grand Summit.

A few years ago, my niece, Casey decided to get married at Mount Snow.  I remember the day she came for her “wedding consult.”  She wanted to get married behind the hotel and when we walked out there was a bike race in progress.  A lot of mud and dirt made it hard for her to envision her wedding day.  “Don’t worry Casey – we’ll make it beautiful for you. “  What was I thinking?

Casey & Trav’s wedding party standing on the stone staircase that our awesome grooming department built.  The staircase leads to the wedding venue.

My husband built the pergola and with a lot of help from our grounds department, we planted the wedding gardens to the left.

In December I asked our Marketing Director (who also got married on the Mount Snow Golf Course)

how we could hype up our Valentine’s Day ticket promotion.  A few days later he came to me with the idea to give away a spectacular wedding.  I listened to how he would ask all kinds of sponsors to donate their services to make this a wedding that even Prince William and Kate would envy.  “Sure, give it a try,” I said but had little confidence he could pull it together in time.  The next day, Greg let me know that he had contacted all of the sponsors and everyone was in!!!  Needless to say, when Greg gets going on something he sees it to the end.

List of our amazing sponsors:

Grand Summit Hotel

Sticky Fingers

Mountain Styles Salon & Spa

Ellen O’Connor Photography

Boyd Family Farm – flowers and decorations

Cabot Cheese

Honora Winery

Catamount Glass

Adventure Limousine

Attitash & Wildcat Mountain Resorts

Atlas PyroVision

The Vermont Country Deli

Colby Dix & Jean Chaine

Westminister Crackers

Peak Resorts

Next, the search for the perfect couple began.  The giveaway was announced on Dec 18 and interested parties had 1 month to apply.  We had 108 entries and from them we picked David and Tyne.

To say that love is in the air is an understatement.  We are all watching T & D’s wedding plans and know that Monday will be extraordinary.  Tyne and David have grown up on the slopes of Mount Snow and their appreciation of the Green Mountains and their environment is strong.   I am pleased that we get to share in their special day.

On Monday, I hope you will join us for a day on the slopes with your loved ones (hopefully, there will be a Tyne and David citing.)  If you can’t make it, we understand.  Just promise you will find some time this month to share the love.
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