GM Blog: End of Season Thoughts

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think this will be my last blog of the winter season. I will continue to write over the Summer (Tough Mudder blog coming soon) so please check back. THANK YOU for making Mount Snow part of your Winter. We promise to work hard this Summer so you can return to an even better adventure next year (hear me Mother Nature!). I will end with a few thoughts and things that I have learned this winter.
1. Never underestimate the passion of a Mount Snow season passholder.

2. Mother Nature is finicky so it is nice to have a good insurance plan.

3. Carinthia Parks – our solution to childhood obesity

4. I’m nothing without the people that surround me.

5. Western skiers and riders expect powder, Easterners covet it.

6. Ice happens

7. Our #1 priority is to give our guests the best snow surface possible. We are also pretty good at throwing a party.

8. Children can be bribed with a waffle.

9. Change is good.

Bubbles really do come true!

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