GM Blog: Bluebird Express

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When the ski area closed for the season I took a week off and decided to paint my living room, kitchen, mudroom and hallway a new color. I went to the paint store and bought several buckets of pale yellow paint and decided to throw in some ceiling paint for good measure. In my mind I figured I could easily knock the project out in one week. I got started right away only to find that the prep work (take down artwork, spackle, sand, wash walls, tape, etc.) devoured three precious days. Today, three months later, only the mudroom and hallway are painted. All of the paintings still sit on the floor in the guest room and the kitchen and living room have a nice blue tape border….waiting.

Our lift installation reminds me a little of my paint job. The prep work is the lengthiest step in the process. The fun part, rolling on the paint or setting the towers, can’t commence until you have done your important prep work perfectly!
We are in our “cement” phase. As you can see in the picture below, the footings for the bottom terminal of the lift are in place (top right. Eight of the footings for the rail system (inside the barn) have also been poured. Remember, every night, the chairs come off the line and are stored in the barn, sort of like a dry cleaner with an overhead rail system.

Bill “Pitt” Armstong operates the excavator preparing the eastern end of the barn site. The barn will extend back further toward the base lodge, about even with the furthest lift terminal footing. The floor of the barn will be about 6” below the top of the footings, so there is a lot of back filling that needs to take place in the near future.

In the close-up below, you can see where the west end of the barn will meet a retaining wall. The little copper wire coming off the footing is a ground for lightning. To the left of the footing you can see a few stakes that outline the southern wall of the barn.

The barn is already being pre-fabricated in a warehouse, here's a sneak peak!

Some of the barn will arrive on Monday, August 8th and our staff will start assembling the trusses in the base area. By the time you all show up for the Brewer’s Festival there will be a lot more to see.

The part of this project that we underestimated is the amount of rock that needs to be managed. Back in June we thought we would move about 6,800 yards but to date we have moved over 11,000 yards. Out in the D parking lot we have a rock crushing operation in full swing.

Over the weekend we attended the Blueberry Parade and announced the name of our new lift. We are confident that once you have taken a ride on our 6-pack, with beautiful blue bubbles, you will agree that every day is a bluebird day at Mount Snow.

I am proud to say that thanks to Poma and our staff; construction of the Bluebird Express is right on track. That’s more then I can say for my painting project.
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