GM Blog: Autumn: Get Ready

Friday, September 30, 2011

If you are passionate about winter sports then fall is your 2nd favorite season of the year, right? While bears and chipmunks are gorging and hoarding in preparation for a long winter, skiers are exercising and toning in prep for laps on the North Face, right?

I always plan to shed my summer BBQ and margarita fat and tone my quads for winter but here it is Oct 1 and I haven’t gotten around to it, yet. Next week!

Aside from getting my body in shape, autumn is the perfect time to shop for winter equipment. My husband and daughter are experts at this. They are both ski racers (cough, cough) so their equipment needs are as extensive as astronauts - and probably as expensive. Every year I am shocked to hear that my daughter will need several pairs of skis. Didn’t we just get you new ones last year? Why do you need trainers and race-day skis? And then there is slalom, GS and the occasional downhill. After we purchase a truckload of skis the princess will need new boots, no doubt! Earlier this week she announced she needed a new helmet. I blurted out my normal reply, “We just bought you one last year!” And she gives me the quick snap back, “mom that is for slalom and I need one for GS!” How silly of me not to remember.

Further down the family tree is the younger freestyle brother who never seems to need anything. He seems to glide through each season without a care in the world. The only difference with him is that he busts at least one pair of skis and a few skateboard decks annually so I end up “buying on the fly” and the next day he is back in business. If he breaks his ski poles he’s too lazy to mention it. He just skis without them or bums them off a friend. Last year I melted his helmet in front of the woodstove and found myself buying on the fly as he complained that I should stop messing with his stuff. The freestyler in our family is low drama but still a wallet suck.

With hard goods somewhat taken care of, we move onto soft goods. I really cannot complain much here because I am as needy as the rest of the clan. I do not have a shoe fetish but I cannot walk past a parka without trying it on! In fact, I love everything in the ski shop and could easily spend an entire paycheck in about 15 minutes! I am especially smitten over all the under layers. When I was growing up I wore hideous long johns that I think my mom handed down to me from my father. They were white and waffle weaved and had the guy pocket in the front that bunched up in my bib warm up pants. I would never change in the base lodge and let anyone see them – never. Today’s thermals are worth showing off.

With body toned, equipped and attired we are almost ready for another ski season. I dragged out the five tubs of winter clothing and they are lined up in my living room waiting to be unpacked. My husband picked his stuff out last weekend, packed them and took off to Chile. I have never skied in South America. I am pretty jealous. I guess I will have to treat myself to a little something in the ski shop, possibly some designer long johns!
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