GM Blog: 12/10 Golden Surprise

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back when we selected Leitner Poma as the company to manufacture and build our new high speed 6-pack detachable blue bubble lift, I was anxious to ask a very important question.  First some background.  When Mount Snow celebrated its 50th birthday in 2004 we painted chair #50, on several lifts, gold.  We just did it for fun, in honor of our 50th, and our guests liked it so much that they are still painted that way today.  So my question for Leitner/Poma was, "can we get a gold bubble for chair #50?"  They explained that bubbles are custom dyed and manufactured in large quantities (like 100.)  We would have to wait for some other ski area to order the same chair with gold bubbles and at that time we could order our bubble for chair #50.  That was that.

Fast forward to this morning when we were all gathered at the bottom of the Bluebird Express for the grand opening ceremony.  John Christie, former GM at Mount Snow from 68-72, was telling a story of when he left Mount Snow he "happened" to take one of the bubble chairs (yes, Mount Snow had bubble chairs back then!) and brought it to the ski area he had just purchased, Saddleback.  At Saddleback he put that bubble chair on a beginner lift and quickly had to organize two lift lines so the kids could wait for the bubble chair to come around.  John said he knew back then that these bubble chairs were special.

The grand opening ceremony continued and our MC, Dave Meeker (Mount Snow Communication Manager,) started telling the story that I outlined above, of me wanting a gold chair for our new lift.  He went on to something that made me look up the liftline and sure enough the lift was running and in sight I could see chair #47, 48, 49 and as she came into sight, chair #50 had a gold bubble.

I was told that Dennis Bills, head of Lift Mechanics and a softy for the golden chairs, was responsible.

Needless to say, I was moved to tears.  What a surprise and more importantly, I am happy that many kids will remember their ride on chair #50, the golden bubble.  Everyone should know that if you say a wish when riding on any golden chair at Mount Snow, it will come true.

The surprises did not end there.  We hopped on our skis and headed out to "test the product" with a little apprehension.  The temps did not cooperate last night and we were not able to make as much snow as we had wanted at lower elevations.  Luckily, around 9 am temps dropped and we were able to turn all the guns on and have been in full production since.  We skied Cascade/Canyon and I would give it a 6 (on a scale of 1-10.)  Strong coverage until the very bottom but still easy to execute a skiable line.  I deducted points because there were a lot of people at 9:30 am - it has thinned out since.  Next we skied Long John.  Again, good coverage, less people.  I give it a 7.  They were blowing snow on Ridge!!  Finally, we skied Mineshaft/Gulch and that was my favorite of the day.  The freestylers were hitting the rails and features and skiers right was untouched in some places.  I give it a 7.5.

I predict that Sunday will be 8+ all around.  Snowmaking is abundant and a 2nd groom with help put it all together.  Please join us for another bluebird day!

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