Day Two Expansion

Friday, November 23, 2012

It feels great to be open and the first day jitters behind us.  On day two the snow surfaces are just as good as yesterday, a little softer in some areas as the temps are a few degrees higher.  And our groomers were able to widen the trails in a few areas.

The best news is that our groomers are pushing the snow out on Cascade and we should have it open for you by this afternoon.  Skiing and riding from the summit will certainly thin out the crowd and offer a little more interest for you.

Staying with the good news theme, cold temps will be on tap as we wake up tomorrow and our snowmakers will be here charging up the system and making snow as soon as the mercury drops to the magic level.  On Saturday, please expect to ski and ride under some snowmaking guns.  Our focus will be resurfacing all open terrain and piecing together upper Long John so we have a connection to Carinthia.

Again, I will point out to everyone that as the day progresses and more skier traffic hits the hill, snow surfaces will diminish.  Please expect some areas to be skied off, thin and bare spots and crowding.  My tip for you is get here early and make lots of morning laps.

Update - 12 noon.  Cascade is open so we are making runs off the summit!!  Thanks to Dan and Pitt, our ace groomers, who put this trail together.  Not as much snow to work with as the lower mountain but they did a good job.  Here they are at the summit taking a break.

The snow surface has changed to classic spring skiing.  Some people call this mashed potatoes but not too heavy.  And on the pitch of Canyon, like yesterday there are a few moguls to remind your knees what they have been missing all summer.  Enjoy the spring like conditions because tomorrow winter returns!!

Pics below are of Cascade:


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