Closing Day Report

Sunday, March 25, 2012

6:30 am - Driving to work in the rain, 37 degrees.  Seriously?  70 degrees and sunny all last week and we can't manage a little sun for our last day of operation?  Gotta laugh.

7:10 am - Keith announces over the radio that if you help push bubbles you get a Mountain Muffin.  But most of us agree that we planned to push anyway.  The muffin is a nice bonus!

While we are launching the bubbles I hear that the North Face will open.  Thank you to our ace grooming team who put it back together overnight.

8:30 am - Dilemma...where should we put the band?  Josh our sound guy says our 5-piece Reggae band will be very loud inside Cuzzin's and outside we are experiencing one of Vermont's typical raw days.  We agree that we would want to be inside on a day like this but also agree that it is nice to be able to carry on a conversation and be heard over the band.  I guess we were planning for a sunny day when we booked this fantastic band!  I leave Josh, Matt and Jason to figure it out!

 10:45 am - Put the down jacket back on to go judge the Duct Tape Derby.  Entries are amazing as ever making the judging very difficult.  Here are some of my pics!

 We had to give the Solo Cup an honorable mention.  All the air brushed painting was amazing.

I loved this Old School Bus - meticulous work!

These two were just happy to be riding the wave.

The Yellow Submarine also deserved a prize (IMHO.)  They sang the song to me and said it took hours to paint their submarine.

Another well built entry and who doesn't love a moose?  I took points off for smoking - just saying!

Star Wars convention?  Nope, Mount Snow Duct Tape Derby.  Both entries showed amazing detail.

I loved the costumes as much as the entry - so creative.  We gave them an Honorable Mention.

If we had a trophy for SWEETEST they would have won.  Don't you think?

Another sweet entry - how creative to incorporate the costume right into the sled.  Again, I wish we had one more trophy.

Okay, I am a sucker for Snow White and the Dwarfs.  Beards made out of cardboard and hats made out of duct tape.

Amy and Minna  - Timber Creek Sugarhouse Health Club gets the SPIRIT award!

The most thought went into this entry, the Mount Snow Fan Gun Fan Club.  They wrote our snowmakers 10 hand written thank you notes.  I can't wait to deliver them.  And they wrote a cheer (see below) and read it to us.  They are true Mount Snow fans!



2 pm -  Head to the MarketPlace Cafe for my ritual closing day 100% fried food lunch.  Today it will be chicken fingers and french fries.  Before we lay our fryolators to rest for the summer, I have to get my fix.  My heart and arteries are thankful that the off-season has arrived.

2:45 pm - Stuffed and in a fried food coma.  Ahhhh, might as well finish it off with some of the candy bribes I received at the Duct Tape Derby.  Mmmmmm - crabby patties!

3:20 pm - Heading over to see how the event clean up is going and to wrap up the day at Cuzzin's.  We have a little apres work get together for staff and we will get to say our thank you's and share high fives.   Not bringing the camera as the last staff party should be camera-free...if you know what I mean.

7:28 pm - Staff get together was great.  HUGE thank you to the Cuzzin's staff for staying late and feeding us well.  Good night Mount Snow.


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