April Snowstorm

Thursday, March 31, 2011

At the beginning of the season I talked about settling into my winter routine, which includes trying to ski every trail. I am almost there. I just need Yard Sale and Ripcord. With a foot+ of snow coming tomorrow, I think those last two trails shouldn’t pose a problem.

Little did I know back in November that I would be able to ski a new trail! I am talking about Last Chance, our brand new trail (well, kind of) that follows the old Summit Triple (#17) lift line. I skied it yesterday and found myself saying, “was there a tower there?” It has only been gone a few days and I can’t even remember where all the towers were. Last Chance will only be skiable for a limited time so get it while you can! I keep looking up the mountain and I am really enjoying the view without the lift and think about how the summit looks a little bald, but beautiful.

I will end this blog with the million dollar question – when is the mountain closing? The tentative date is Sunday, April 10th. It will depend on the weather and business levels. For instance, if the new snow brings us decent business this weekend, we will consider opening up the weekend of April 16 & 17.

On the flipside, midweek business levels have already decreased and if we see poor weather in the forecast (like substantial rain or high winds) we may close for the day. I am not saying that we are closed next midweek. I am just saying that I am not going to open on a crazy weather day for 10 people. My general rule of thumb is that if you have more staff members than customers, something is wrong. My best advice to you is check the snow report before making the trip and take advantage of those gorgeous bluebird, goggle tan days.

Flakes are falling from the sky and I have my money on 12” of fresh snow by 4 pm on Friday. Tom went big, betting we would receive 16”. I hope he’s right!
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