3.25.12 Thank you to the Mount Snow Staff

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I can't finish up another season without thanking our staff.  They are passionate, hard working, friendly, fun, funny, caring, dedicated....well, you get the picture.  And here are a few pictures to remind you of how awesome they are!


Brian and Dave take a maiden voyage on the Bluebird.  Brian is happy.  I think Dave is sick of me taking pictures.  Guess what Dave - I am just getting started!

Representing childcare - Joan and Deidre

 Can you guess who this Devo coach is?  Last year he was a clementine on Crazy Hat Day.

 Jack jumpers - Denise, Sue Z, Gina and Lori

Mike and TC breaking out the duct tape and cardboard

 Josh helping out at Tough Mudder and doing what he loves most!

 Keeping with the water theme - Murph becomes our very own "Hasselhoff" for the triathlon.

 Randy is our snowmaker extrodinaire and he is a pretty good heavy equipment operator, too - prepping for the Bluebird.


 Tim posing next to the Bluebird's haul rope spool - and Tim is tall!

 Dan and Tim trying to hold things together during Irene.


 After Irene our staff hit the road to help around the community - including Gerry, Rich and Nate.

 Bob and Mark are down in the basement at Down in the Valley on mud removal.

 Speaking of mud, we had a blast hosting Tough Mudder.  Here Rich raps with some of his friends.

 And Kevin competed and was still smiling half way through!

 We said goodbye to good friends - Vinnie and Chris @ Vin's going away party

 Justin and Dan had no problem toasting Vin.



 Megan practicing on belay during lift evacuation practice.  Just practicing.

Joe gives Ginny some pointers.

We threw a little thank you dinner for everyone that helped build the barn (the birdhouse.)

 We threw a Latin themed party for staff and everyone loved the food!

 Especially Joe!  Hey is this hot sauce?


 Jeff, Maiesha and Larry enjoying the party.








 Stop by the Grand to see Jesse and Jason - always smiling!

 A familar face from Childcare - Heather!

 And last year at our winter party Donna won the chainsaw!

 You never know who will show up to help push bubbles, like this very efficient team.  Thanks to everyone who helped!

 Jerry helping out with ticket scanning.

Chip and Denise get the golden bubble!

 Donna and Reggie looking dapper!

 Matt cooking up some fine hot dogs on passholder weekend.


 Fisher visits for St Patty's weekend and takes some runs with Dick (our owner) and Chip.

 Our last weekend together.  Laura hurts her leg but Kate is right there to evaluate the injury.

 Pond skimming crew - nothing like a Red Bull at 7 am!

 Tommy puts the finishing touches on the pond.

 Event crew extrodinaire showing off their goggle tans.

 Of course, we are all thankful for our batenders and Cuzzin's staff!


 Robbin and Barbara getting ready for the BBQ


 Two Dave's from IT.  Thanks DK - we will miss you.

 Isn't Mount Snow bag check the best?!?!


 Thanks Lift Ops for keeping us moving!

 Patrol was very busy connecting the dots!

Ambassadors celebrated closing day with a team breakfast.

Did you know that Mount Snow employs over 1,000 staff members during the ski season and has 100's of volunteers?  Unfortunately, I couldn't snap pictures of even a fraction of our incredible staff.  Picture or not, they all made this year the best it could be.  Thank you!

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