3.20.12 When will Mount Snow close for the season?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On August 28th, Mother Nature started messing with us and she hasn't let up yet.  She knocked us off our feet repeatedly but somehow we were able to piece everything back together and squeeze out a good season. 

But Her latest thermostat crank-up is more than we can manage.  Let’s face it, 70 degree weather melts snow!  Did you know that our average midday temperature so far this month is 52 degrees? And we have already hit the 70’s several times this month?   Crazy!!

So here is the scoop – we will be skiing and riding through Sunday, March 25th and then we will close. 

We are hoping to have the following trails for the weekend but it will depend how we make it through the next few days of tropical weather.

For the weekend:
Long John (recommended for intermediate and expert skiers only)
Inferno (groomed out – no park)

Not a guarantee but based on what we are seeing, we think these trails will make it.  Please check the snow report for updates.

Because it is our last weekend, we plan on blowing Reggaefest out of the water.  Get ready to have fun skimming the pond, launching your Duct Tape Derby entries and dancing on Cuzzin’s Deck and at the Snowbarn.  We will have more great deals for you in our retail outlets and Caribbean specials in 1900' Burger and Cuzzin’s.  Help us go out in style – come on up and get your last runs in and say goodbye to all of our amazing staff who will be finishing up for the winter.

To answer a few of the questions that keep popping up.

Q: Have we ever closed this early?

A: I am sure we have but I searched back to 1994-95 and I could not find an earlier closing. In 1995-96 we closed on May 5!

Q: Will you keep Carinthia open longer?

A: No. We are losing snow and features rapidly, and we will not keep Carinthia open past our closing day.

Q: If we get a big snowstorm after you close, will you reopen?

A: Probably not but I have learned to never say never.

Q: Will you still have the Winter Brewers Fest?

A: No.  We love the Brewers Fest, too, but we have a lot of expenses associated with that event (beer, tents, bands, etc.) and without a skiing product we are not sure we can entice enough people up to the mountains and we are not in the position, after a difficult winter, to run an event at a loss.  We are still planning a BIG Brewers Festival on Labor Day weekend and we hope you will join us.

Q: Will you still hold the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge Finals?

A: After speaking with the folks at MDVC, it has been decided to cancel the event this year. The overall experience would not be a great one given the deteriorating conditions on the mountain. We hope to bring the event back next year and have it go off without a hitch!

Q:  Will you move up Glade-iator?

A:  No - we are hoping that Ripcord will be open for the weekend but no guarantees it will make it.

If you have any other questions, please ask below.

There is so much more I could write but I think I will leave it at that.  THANK YOU to each and every person who came out and skied and rode with us this winter.  Without you, Mother Nature would have defeated us.  With you, she didn't stand a chance. 

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