3.17.12 Pot of Gold

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today we woke up to fog but when we were launching bubbles, Dennis showed me a few pics he snapped at daybreak.  Ohhh, ahhhh - sweet undercast. 

Still, I was slow to boot up and head out.  By 9 am we hit Snowdance - still foggy.  We loaded the Bluebird Express and as we reached the top of the mountain we poked through the clouds and found that it was a bluebird day up top.  The summit was crowded with folks just staring out at the undercast and snapping pictures.  It was a day to linger at the summit.  But not for long as we had some skiing to do. 

We headed to Sunbrook, following the sun.  The views from Thanks Walt were amazing as was the snow under foot.  And what a day to ride the Sunbrook quad.  Definitely my favorite runs of the day.





I actually didn't find a rainbow or a pot of gold but I think all skiers and riders would agree that an undercast day is a rarity and just as good.  Happy St Patty's Day everyone!
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