3.14.12 My Crystal Ball

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's cut to the question on everyone's mind...when will Mount Snow close?  Before we go there, you need to know I feel extremely uncomfortable even talking about this subject on this forum.  But in the spirit of our TRUTH IN SNOW REPORTING quest, let's do it.  Our goal is April 8, Easter Sunday.  And up until this week I was feeling pretty confident about that date.  But with weather records breaking daily, I have to give you a realistic update.

A crystal ball would come in handy right now.  As we have all experienced, anything could happen but  I have accepted the fact that we may not get another big snowstorm and we may close earlier than April 8.

Here's the facts.  There is still plenty of skiing on all 4 mountain faces, on 54 trails.  We made more snow this year than last year and the year before that.  Who would have known how important that would be?  My skiing experience today was very good.  7 out of 10.   The snow surface is typical spring conditions with the firmer snow in the morning and corn and mashed potatoes as the day warms up.   But let's face it, it has been warm up here in the mountains and most of the natural snow trails like Overbrook, Uncle's and One More Time have closed.

If we get a cold snap or a snowstorm, I think we may make it.  If the current weather pattern continues, we will see an earlier closing date. Many of you watch the weather and know that the long term forecast (through 3/25) is calling for more of what we are experiencing now.  Let's hope the forecast is wrong.

Our biggest and best events are planned for the upcoming weeks, including Reggaefest and the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge.  We are also looking forward to our British school groups and the Professional Ski Instructors of America in the coming weeks. As you can see, we have a lot to stay open for.

In the end, it is entirely up to Mother Nature and you.  If the weather cooperates and our snow holds, we will make it.  And if you keep coming we will do everything possible to keep skiing and riding.  I will keep you posted right here. 

In the meantime, we have a 2-day St. Patty's Party to throw for you and I for one prefer my pint of beer after a sun-drenched day of skiing.  The kind of day when my thighs are aching from excessive laps and I have earned my libation.  And it is always nice when you don't have to wear a down parka and hand warmers just to enjoy a beer on the deck.

Here is the best advice I can give you.

If you love spring skiing, get here!

If you are searching for the best freestyle terrain in New England, get here!

If you seriously need a goggle tan, get here!

If you were tempted to put on the AC this week, get here!

If you are not ready for summer and weekends spent mowing the lawn, get here because the season may end a little earlier than we all had planned.    

If none of the above describe you, get here anyways.  Days like these are addicting.  Once you experience spring skiing like this, you'll become a believer.  Just get here!

I will close this blog with my pics of today's outing....just in case you don't really believe that there is still plenty of snow in VT.  I went out at 11 am and had a ball.  It was a little colder last night and today so my skis were running fast. 





Get here!
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