3.1.12 Snowday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It is not often that my day off aligns with a snow day.  And it is not often that I spend my day off at Mount Snow.  My general rule is to stay away, disconnect.  Today is an exception.  For the first time since October, the snow came down and chrushed the 1 foot marker.  So my son (also enjoying a snow day) and I headed over to catch the 9 am lift.  I felt more than a little guilty skiing knowing our operations staff were scrambling with snow removal.  But I quickly tucked that out of mind and headed to the Bluebird.  The crowd was large and they let us load before 9 am - the crowd actually cheered!  My son picked Ripcord for run number one.  I saw him unload and then he was gone.  I decided Pummet was more my speed.

Just a few minutes after 9 and already a crowd at the bottom of the face.  Most of them were other staffers and all of them were smiling.

I am used to seeing them in thier staff jackets but today everyone was undercover!

Back to skiing.  My son lapped me and we caught up to take a run on Timbers and Chute.  He reported that he found first tracks in the trees off Ripcord (Plunge.)  I headed to the main face to give my legs a break.  Uncle's was a surprise - it was groomed overnight with just a little fresh snow on top.  So I headed into the trees and had them all to myself - beautiful!

I had to share Hop with this guy.  After 10 am and still fresh powder everywhere!

The trees off Ego were getting some attention and by the hootin' and hollerin' I would say they are in good shape!

Next stop Sunbrook.  11 am.  Oh darn, I have the trail all to myself again!  And lots of freshies on the Dipper's.

One small track on One Small Step. 

And I can hear the music from Beartrap calling us in.

Best tree skiing all day - Carinthia!

Wow - I forgot how much work it is to ski the powder.  I decided to take it easy on Fool's Gold before heading out for a date with my laundry room!  Thanks for the best day of the year Mount Snow!

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