2.9.12 Bubble Blog

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It has been a while since we posted a bubble blog so I thought I would take you on a quick behind the scene tour of our new 6-pack bubble chair, the Bluebird Express.  If you haven't been to Mount Snow this year and tried our new lift, watch this short video to learn more.

Next to the lift sits the storage barn and every night all the bubbles come off the line and are stored in the barn.  Each morning the bubbles are launched, manually.  It takes about 8 people 20 - 30 minutes and in launch mode we run at 650 ft/min vs 1,000 ft/min when the lift is at full speed.  There is even a buzzer and light to tell you when to launch the next chair.  If you launch too early or late the lift will correct the spacing at the top terminal.  Pushing bubbles is a workout.  As you can see here, Catalina is leaning into it!

Here's a pic from Saturday when I got to take a ride with Scott, Noah, Simon and JJ.  JJ told me he reads my blogs.  Well kind of - he looks at the pictures.  So this blog is for you JJ!

If you have never been on the Bluebird before, when you get to the summit there is a contour unload.  This means that instead of getting straight off (12 o'clock) you will ride around the bullwheel 90 degrees and get off at 9 o'clock.  Or just stand up at the spot that says UNLOAD HERE.  Here's a video so you can see what I mean.

The next pictures are taken in the top terminal.   It is very loud up there and surprisingly warm.  Notice the insulation on the ceiling - this is a feature our other lifts do not have.  The insulation helps us to use less energy to heat the space.  This picture looks out to the East (Exhibition) with the summit lodge at my back.  The blue thing you see runs the service, roll back and e brake.  The yellow cylinder below releases the roll back brake.

Pictured above high speed service brake - just like the disc brake in your car.  Well, kind of.

Picture above is facing the west with the east (Exhibition) at my back.

These are our two 400 hp Cummins diesels.  Diesels are used as a back up if we have a power outage.  Together they can run the lift at full load at 800fpm all day, we call it Aux mode. Independently (one or the other) we can run at 400fpm to clear the line of guests, we call this Evac mode. The pipe you see with the red cap is where we fill the 435 gallon fuel tank

In the picture below the tires are solid which means our lift mechanics don't have to fool around with flats.  That is a lot of work when you figure there are 81 tires.  On our other detachable lifts, we have to check the tires each morning.

The view from the top terminal is impressive (galvanized haul rope.)

At the end of the day all the bubbles go back in the barn, aka, birdhouse.  Good night!

Thanks to Chris, Dennis, Dave and Scott for the tour and education.  Many of the descriptions above were written by Dennis and Dave.  They are great teachers.
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