2.3.12 We are making snow for you!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I know you are all picking out your big game outfits and prepping the Velveeta & salsa dip but I have to tell you that there is room for football and skiing this weekend.  You are going to want to get to Mount Snow asap because we are layering on the snowmaking love!  Since last night we have made snow on:








Cooper's Junction

Yard Sale (bump it up for us...okay?)

And tonight we will be making snow on:

Ridge (making snow during the day Sat)

Long John

Snowdance (making snow during the day Sat)


Season Pass

Sweet 16

If we can, we will also make snow on:


South Bowl

That is a whole lot of man made snow!  And I have to mention that not all ski areas are still committed to this level of snowmaking.  With the super ticket deals we are offering this weekend http://mountsnow.com/super-deals-for-super-sunday/ and the attention we have been giving to snowmaking and grooming this week, I recommend you get some exercise under your belt before bellying up to your gametime buffet (at least that is my plan.)

And if football is not your thing, you can ski or ride from 12 noon to 4 pm on Sunday for just 25 bucks!  It is called the "I Hate Football" ticket but you could easily rename it the Pre-game warm up if that better describes your level of football enthusiasm.

The snowmakers hinted around a bit that they would like Sunday off.  Hmmmm - I wonder why?  We think they deserve it so you will not be skiing under the guns on Sunday.  As I finish up this blog, I have to admit that I don't really follow football.  I do follow it enough to know that the Pats vs Giants is the worst possible scenario for a VT ski area.  In honor of all you, I plan to watch the game, complete with large amounts of fattening snacks, adult beverages and if Madonna sings any of my favorite songs from the 80's I will be belting it out with her - can't wait!!!

2.3.12 - making snow on Freefall.

2.3.12 lower Exhibition snowmaking.

May the best team win!

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