2.16.12 Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I was able to get quite a few runs in this morning and skiing was great!  The rebuild on the Gulch is amazing and Dave dragged me over to Ripcord for my one and only run of the year.  I was having second thoughts....

but if there was ever a time to ski Ripcord, today was the day.  The snow was perfect and the man-size moguls are just beginning to form.  Here is the view from the top.  Thanks for waiting everyone!

All season I have been snapping shots around the mountain and have posted them below as a blog-type scavenger hunt.  I will reveal the identity and location of each shot on Monday 2/20 in a post below.  See how well you know Mount Snow or if you are visiting Mount Snow this weekend see if you can locate some of these Mount Snow landmarks.  Some were taken earlier in the year, some after a snowstorm and a few were taken today.  Good luck!














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