Kelly's Blog: Powder-Roy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Saturday's we offer AM Express, where early birds get the worm.  And today they got some of the sweetest cord of the season, fresh cream under the guns and amazing views.  And I got slightly frost bitten toes - that will teach me to put my feet in my boots cold.  One passholder described the conditions as powder-roy - love it!!!

For AM Express we open the Bluebird Express  at 7:30 am for season passholders and Grand Summit/condo owners. Those passholders can show up anytime between 7:30 to 8 am (you do not have to be there at 7:30 am!) and the Main Face of the mountain will be open for your skiing and riding pleasure.  Many of the folks I rode up with talked about fast laps on trails that you have to yourself.  For me it is more about the scenery.  Sunrise doesn't get any better.   Before we open for these special morning outings we have lots of work to do.

We have walkways to clear.

We have to push all of the bubbles out of the storage barn and onto the line.


Our lift operators have lots of mazes to build

Today as I headed out the door, with my skis, I had to snap a shot because the snowmaking clouds were so beautiful.

Even on this chilly morning a small group has started to form at the base of the Bluebird, anticipating First Tracks.


The view from the summit was gorgeous with snowmaking clouds from South Bowl hovering over.

Our first run was on Ridge.  I skied it yesterday around 11:30 and rated it a 7.5 because the pitches were skied off a little.  This morning it was a 10.  Let me use my new term to describe it...POWDER-ROY!  As we neared the bottom of the Sundance Triple we skied through fresh snowmaking cream, which I like to refer to as creamy & dreamy!

I am sorry to say that my phone froze up so I don't have any more photos.  Second lesson of the day - keep your electronics in a warm spot!

Cascade/Canyon was run number two and we were treated to another combo of powder-roy and creamy & dreamy.

Unfortunately, my time on skis ended and I headed inside to thaw out my frozen toes.  Lessons learned - start the day with warm feet and keep my phone close to my body.  New word learned is powder-roy.  I love Saturdays!  All this and not even 9 am.  Enjoy your weekend on some excellent snow and let me know what trails you enjoyed today.

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