Freestyle Comp - Holiday Week 12/24-12/31

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hi Mount Snow Freestyle Family,


Wow ... only in Southern Vermont can the temps fluctuate from 20 to -5 to 45 to 20 within 48 hours.  But even with the changing temps and conditions, we got in some great runs.  In addition, it was awesome to see everyone getting in the air on Saturday when Nitro opened.

Training schedule: 

*    We have training schedule for Saturday, Christmas Eve.  We know that there will be a handful of athletes skiing on Saturday and Paul Miles will be taking the group out.

*  Additionally, our holiday training starts on Monday, Dec 26th and we are on snow everyday through Saturday December 31st.  We do not have training on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Upcoming Competitions:

*    The first Grommet Jam is on Tuesday, December 27th.  This is not an event that is on our normal competitions calendar, however, some of our athletes under 12 do like to participate.  It is a Mount Snow Marketing Event and a sanctioned freestyle event – but it is a lot of fun for the younger group.  For information please go to

Competition Calendar:  I have one or two clarifications to make with our comp schedule and will have it posted and sent out shortly.

Some Familiar Faces are Joining our Freeride Coaching Crew: Over the next 2 weeks we will have Jake Renner and Ryan Vescovi joining the coaching staff.  We have not finalized Jake’s full availability yet but he will be here for the next few weeks or so.  Ryan will be joining us the first week of January and will continue for much of the season.  We are super thrilled to have both Jake and Ryan returning to lead our Freeride groups! 

Parent Meeting:  We are still looking to schedule our first parent meeting at the end of the holiday break.  The date is not yet set with the Ski Club yet, but I wanted to let everyone know that a meeting is currently being scheduled.


- Laff

Scott D. Lafferty

Head Coach, Mount Snow Freestyle Team

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