Freestyle Comp 12/10-12/11

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hi Mount Snow Freestyle Family!
It was awesome to be on snow again!  We definitely made the best with the limited terrain.  Also, our dryland session was very productive.  We started to mesh together as a team, discussed our season goals, walked through the jump progressions, and capped off our first day on the hill with some balancing & yoga.  
Season Goals:  Detailed season goals are going to be pretty important for us this year.  I know there are different groups of athletes who have different goals and expectations of the program.  This year, I want to make sure our program is meeting those expectations.  The  Freeride group is the toughest to coordinate and plan for.  I completely understand that some athletes are in the program to ski with buddy's and have fun in the park.  Other Freeride athletes get excited for being in the gate and they live for the thrill of laying down that perfect completion run.  In the past it has been very tough to separate the two tracks, but in the end, these tracks are very conflicting.  Trying to do both at the same time does not work.  We can solve this tough.  We simply have to put a plan together to address it.  
This is why knowing your athletes goals and expectations at the beginning of the season is vital this year - especially for our Freeride athletes.  Here's where you come in.  
I'm asking for your help.  
Please ask your athlete if they filled out the goal sheet last Saturday.  If they didn't, can you please fill it out with them?    Attached to this email is the goal sheet.  It would be great if this was completed for this weekend (maybe on the ride up to VT), but if not, we’ll try to spend some time during the weekend filling them out.  We use the goals to help:
1.       Understand what each athlete wants to accomplish
2.       Form our season groups according to the athlete’s goal sheets
3.       Put group training plans and venues together to meet athletes’ goals
4.       Staff our disciplines and groups appropriately
5.       Set expectations for progression throughout the season
Additionally, I would also like to meet or talk with each parent in December to go over your athlete's goals to make sure we are all on the same page.  I really appreciate your help on this.
Some Exciting News: about the US Ski Team:  Emerson Smith, a former Mount Snow Freestyle Team member, was named to the US Freestyle Mogul Team this week!  Congratulations to Emerson and the Smith family.  It is an amazing accomplishment.
Okemo Mogul Opener for the B Mogul Crew:  The Okemo B Games registration is not yet up.  It should be available on shortly.  Eastern Freestyle has not made an announcement about the event but we can assume it is still on with all the snow that fell this week in Southern VT.
Training This Weekend:  Mother nature is being good to us, so we will be on snow all weekend.  Just like we have done in the previous years, we will leave from the Training Center at 8:30 and return around noon.  We go back out from the Training Center at 1 and will come back in around 3.
We're looking forward to a great weekend coming up!
- Laff
Scott D. Lafferty 
Head Coach, Mount Snow Freestyle Team


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