Freestyle Comp 12/3-12/4

Friday, December 2, 2016

We’re gearing up for the 2016 – 2017 ski season and can’t wait for the season to get rolling!


For the first weekend:  Our goal this weekend is simple:  get some runs in, get our feet under us, don’t go nuts.   The conditions will vary and will be a little challenging so we will be taking it easy.   

Each day this weekend, we will do a half-day of on-snow training (morning sessions) and a half-day of dryland training (afternoon session).  We ask that each athlete has some sneakers for the afternoon session.

We will meet at 8:30 by the fire pit in front of the Training Center to get into our groups and head out on the hill each morning to make some turns.  We will be concentrating specifically on flatland fundamentals for the first half of the morning, then head to the park for the second half of the morning.  By the end of the morning, we expect every athletes’ quads to be burning!  We’ll return back to the fire pit in front of the Training Center at noon.

The afternoon session will start at 1, again by the fire pit.  In this session, we will be running uphill, going through series of jumping fundamentals, balancing movements and discussing season goals.  We will return to the fire pit around 3.

On the hill this weekend, we will have 2 or 3 groups determined by age only.  These will not be the groups for the season.  Throughout this first weekend, we’ll assess each skier and then, over the next w weeks, we’ll put groups together based on age, ability, event discipline and then layer in a social factor.  We want to make sure each athlete is in the best group to advance their skiing and have fun.


Competitions:  This season, our plan is to compete in USSA and USASA events.  We want to get the schedule out as soon as possible, however the schedules have not been finalized.  We have a slight adjustment from previous years.  This season, the Freeride team will concentrate solely in the USASA Southern Vermont Series Slopestyle events and our Mogul team will continue to compete in USSA events as normal.


Memberships:  To compete in USSA Moguls, a Freestyle Competitor license is required.   For athletes competing in the EQS series, a Youth or Rookie license will suffice.  All others, please remember to obtain a USSA Competitor license prior to registering for the first event.  Information regarding USSA Memberships can be found at

To compete in the USASA events, a competitor must have a USASA membership.  USASA membership information can be found at


Equipment: Hopefully some of you got some turns in last weekend.  For those who didn’t please check out your athletes’ equipment now.  I’ve been wearing my ski boots around the house for 2 weeks now and I assume some of the athletes are at this point too as we wait for the snow.


We are super excited to get the season started and we’ll see you on Saturday morning.

My best,

- Laff

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