Summer Days Are Here

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Five Ways We Warm Up and Chill Out After a Long Winter in Vermont

As every sleepless East Coast meterologist can confirm, this past winter was one for the record books. we love the deep cold and deep snow here on the mountain, but the recent sunny days and warm weather reminds us that summer time in Southern Vermont is just as fun. What things do you and your family love about summer in Southern Vermont?

Here's our top five picks.

1. Falling asleep with the windows open

There's nothing quite like the fresh mountain air, and our on-mountain condos provide all the comforts of home with none of the housekeeping, right in the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest.

2. Picnicking outside

Gathering the family together for a delicious meal is especially fun when it comes with a side of fresh air and sunshine. Plus, our Family Camp meals come straight from the chef's kitchen to your table. It's what we like to call Vermont fresh.

3. Smelling the flowers

From wildflowers to woodland critters, Mount Snow comes to life during the warm summer afternoons. Our hiking trails and scenic lift rides are the perfect place to start an adventure with the whole gang or just the two of you.

4. Sinking that perfect putt

Views, views, views. Our mountain golf course - complete with clinics - is open for events, tournaments, and as part of our Family Camp, too. Blue skies and great memories? Yes, those are complimentary.

5. Cool forest breezes kissing your face

‚ÄčThe Green Mountains live up to their name in the summertime, and one of our favorite ways to explore it all is on a bike. With trails and rides for every kind of cyclist, there's no reason to leave anyone behind.

Daydreaming of summer fun in Vermont yet? All of our top five picks are part of this year's Family Camp at Mount Snow, and that's just the beginning. Find out more about our activities here or come see for yourself!

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