Summer Skiing

Monday, November 16, 2015

I can’t believe it is already November! Those summer and fall months went by in a blink of an eye and I’m so excited for it to be snowing soon. This summer was by far the most time I’ve spent on snow in the summer in my whole life. Both the halfpipe and slopestyle team had trips planned this summer and fall so it was important for me to be strategic in my planning to pick which camps to attend. I didn’t want to overdo it leading up to the North American winter season. I had many goals set for myself this summer and fall before the season starts in Breckenridge Colorado, at Dew Tour for our first competition.

The beginning of my summer started out like every summer: I took two online classes at Westminster College so I would be able to keep up with my summer training schedule with traveling and everything. Our first trip was to Mt Hood for a halfpipe training camp, but due to the lack of snowfall last season it was a bit tricky. With the combination of the snowfall and hot temperatures the pipe melted out quicker than expected. The trip wasn’t what we planned for and I actually spent more time on the Oregon coast surfing and camping with friends than on my skis on the hill.  I didn’t hate that though! When I returned to Park City I was able to finish up my classes, which actually pushed me into my sophomore year of college! One year down and three more to go! I spent a lot of time on the new water ramps that were built at the UOP. They revamped the water ramps and built a new ramp strictly for freeride. It was a great opportunity to work on new tricks I wanted to try on snow for the upcoming months.


When August rolled around I was getting prepared to head down to the Southern hemisphere once again for the New Zealand Winter Games. The Winter Games happen every two years and it was also the first World Cup event for the season.  I have always loved heading to New Zealand in the summer to get my skis back under my feet and get a taste for winter in the summer and, get back into competition mode. Heading into the New Zealand Winter Games I was the two-time defending champ for the halfpipe and I was excited to compete with some new tricks I had been working on all summer. My new tricks worked out well and I won the halfpipe event! I was really excited to put in an alley-oop flat spin 540 into my run, which was a huge confidence builder for me. This just reassured me that my training had been paying off and that the other tricks would come soon enough with the one crossed off my list. In the slopestyle comp the next week I put down a mellow run and ended up in fourth and I was happy with that. I didn’t do any new tricks in my slope run, but it put me in a position mentally knowing I had more camps coming up to really focus on some important things. For the first competition of the season I was very happy to walk away with a 1 st and 4 th going into the North American season. 

It was a quick turn around after leaving New Zealand to head back home and prepare for another halfpipe camp in Saas Fe, Switzerland then followed by a slopestyle camp in Stubai, Austria. Still lots of time on my skis to fulfill the goals I set for myself this summer. Excited to be able to ski in new places I have never been too and get ready for another winter with lots and lots of snow! Fingers Crossed!

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