All Mtn Development 1.25-1.26.20

Thursday, January 23, 2020

This past weekend:
I think we were all extremely thankful that the awful January thaw went away & Mother Nature graced us with some much needed snow ❄❄❄
Thanks to the incredibly hard work of our mountain ops team, over an intense 40 hour cram session, Charlie's Chase was in perfect condition for our Fun Race on Saturday morning.
We had amazing results, and tons of smiles, from all our participants (and many parents).  See full results here:
Continuing with the idea of a common theme from the previous weekend, groups continued practicing towards mastery of outside to outside ski turning.  This included skiing while lifting the inside foot, tapping/thumping of the inside ski, or one-ski ski drills.  In addition to this concept, we introduced the focus of shuffling.  Groups spent time shuffling their feet, in a number of different ways, as a way to help wake up their ankles in order to work towards the goal of keeping their feet under their bodies.
Beyond all the hard work, groups also had an amazing time on Sunday hunting for freshies all over the mountain!!!
Plans for this weekend:
Moguls! Moguls! Moguls!!
On Sunday (1/26), we are scheduled for our next exciting Devo event.
We will host our annual Duel Mogul Contest on Lower Exhibition Trail, adjacent to Charlie’s Chase.
Participants will have the opportunity to ski a seeded bump course, while coaches from our Freestyle Comp & Devo programs provide scores for each participant.
Judges scores will be based on carved turns, jumps, and speed through the course.
The top (16) scorers amongst all participants will battle it out over 2 additional scored runs in a "Finals" round later that morning.

Although, non finalists will only receive one scored run, Participants will be permitted to ski the course as many times as they like for the duration of the morning.
Parents are invited to watch the event from the bottom of the closed course. Approximate start times for each group will be available at lineup Sunday morning.
In prep for Sundays fun, thanks to the continued hard work of our groomers & freestyle coaching staff, our bump course will be available for practice all day Saturday. 
Throughout the morning our coaches will work with their groups on the fundamentals of how to properly navigate moguls.
Remaining Event Schedule:

Sunday January 26, 2020

Mogul Day

Sunday February 16, 2020

Crazy Hat Valentine's Day Race

Sunday March 1, 2020

Obstacle Course

Sunday March 8, 2020

Parent/Child Race

Sunday March 22, 2020

Last day & Ice Cream Social

As a general note, please be reminded that groups leave promptly at 8:45.  Plan accordingly as parking & traffic may cause delays.  If possible, please let your coach know if you will be delayed so they can coordinate a meeting/pick-up.
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