Devo 2/17,18

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Last weekend we held our Valentine’s Race. Results are posted at

This weekend we have our Crazy Hat Contest and race scheduled for Sunday.

Saturday, we will do some gate training on Charlie’s in preparation for Sunday’s race.

Sunday, Crazy Hat Contest judging starts @ 8:35 slope side of the Clock Tower Building. Please get there early. Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 finishers, as determined by our panel of judges.
Immediately following the Crazy Hat Contest Awards, we’ll head up to the start house on Charlie’s for our Race.
The race will be a one run Duel Giant Slalom. Approximate start times will be available Sunday morning at lineup.
Parents and friends may watch from outside the finish area fence.

Please note the following program dates:

Sunday, February 18, Crazy Hat Contest and Race.

Sunday, March 4, Obstacle Course Race.

Sunday, March 11, Parent/Child Race.

Sunday, March 18, Ice Cream Social at Grand Summit hotel ballroom and last day of program.

This weekend should be warm and sunny.

See you Saturday,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager


Office: 802.464.4165

Fax: 802.464.6071 

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