All Mountain Devo 1.6-1.7.18

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Last week, plenty of fresh powder and machine made snow gave us a great surface to ski on every day. Everyone made good progress thanks to 5 consecutive days on snow.
Development Team Members participating in our Park Day got an introduction to riding boxes and jumping. A special thanks to the Freestyle Coaches for organizing Park Day.

This weekend we will be skiing all around the mountain on fresh powder thanks to the new snow expected on Thursday.
We will continue to work on fundamental skiing skills using the wide variety of terrain available this season. 
Technical focus is on refinement of rotational control and edging of skis.

The forecast for this weekend is for mostly sunny on Saturday and Sunday with Arctic temps. Please dress accordingly.  Having toe and hand warmers really helps to keep the frostbite away.  Dermatone is great for covering exposed skin under your goggles to keep frostbite from forming.  They sell it at the main base shop if you're wondering where to get it.

See You Saturday,

Nancy Logan
Training Center Administrator 
Office: 802.464.4270  |    Fax: 802.464.6071


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