Devo Program 2/4-2/5

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We had a great time at our Duel Mogul Contest last weekend. Special thanks to our Freestyle Coaches for making the course and the Snowmakers for providing the fresh snow.

This Saturday we will be using Charlie's for some gate and brush drills. The focus will be on carving turns and tactics to improve our line thru the course and ultimately speed.
Sunday we will be All Mountain Skiing with the emphasis on skiing moguls. Mogul skiing is an important part of skiing and helps improve skill levels for all aspects of the sport.

In two weeks, Valentine's Race on Sunday, 2/12.

In three weeks, Crazy Hat Race on Sunday, 2/19. It's a good time to start planning for your hat.

The skiing surface is spectacular right now for making perfect carved turns. Make as many as you can this weekend.  We just received 6" of fresh snow.

See you Saturday,

Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

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